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Il Falco Bianco

Composed and performed by Gavin Greenaway


TENUTO RECORDS are proud to present il falco bianco - the new album of solo piano works from Gavin Greenaway.


Unashamedly melodic and deeply personal, these pieces are immediately engaging, with each listen revealing further subtle layers of structure and form.



Greenaway writes: "This was a return home for me, in more ways than one. The piano was my first instrument and it’s always where I go to when I want to connect most directly with music; my first tentative composition (as a 12 year old student of Junior Trinity College) was for piano; and the piano on the recording, my parents’ Steinway, was the piano I practised on for many hundreds of hours as a teenager."


From the post-minimalist insistence of the first track il falco bianco, via the majestic sur vents solaires and jazz-tinged oiseaux étranges, to the last track ottantotto (featuring prepared piano with 88 table tennis balls) Greenaway will take you on a compelling musical journey.


Available 20th May 2016 on Amazon and iTunes. Pre-order on iTunes from April 1st

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Gavin Greenaway

Though more widely known as a conductor of film scores (Gladiator, Interstellar, How To Train Your Dragon, etc.), Emmy® award winner Gavin Greenaway is also an accomplished composer and pianist. His composition, Reflections of Earth, has been playing every night for over 15 years at Disney's EPCOT, Orlando. Other notable works include the music for the Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 and his adaptation of the theme from Gladiator into the aria Il Gladiatore for Luciano Pavarotti.



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