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Gorgeous - original, evocative music, beautifully played and recorded.

I love it! ... because ... the playing is so meticulous and purposeful... the writing always maintains a tight reign on the emotional ... each piece is a precise journey, structured and well balanced... 

We have just listened to the album and I am slightly lost for words... Short version: Amazing job! Just beautiful. The imagery, the pictures, from busy streets to fields, to skylines to jazz, to Satie to Glass to; wonderfully melodic, beautifully timed, lovingly played classic Greenaway.... I love the piano, how often do we get to really hear, I mean really hear the instrument? Beautiful, love the long stabs... it's so unusual to hear that wonderful natural sound and resonance. Thank you so, so much for sharing this incredible piece of work.  It is the most creative, melodic, transportive and satisfying listen I have come across in a very, very long time.

Il Falco Bianco demonstrates - so beautifully - Greenaway's outstanding talent. A magnificent selection of compositions, played in such an exceptionally brilliant performance. I enjoyed every single track so much that I found myself clapping on many occasions! I shall be returning to the CD again and again... that’s for sure.

I feel I just have to put finger to key to tell you this. Your CD is outstanding! When my husband and I played it the first time I confess that I sat there with tears running down my face for much of it – it’s so beautiful, so moving. The writing is magnificent, and the playing is superb and hearing it gave me a great feeling of’s beyond wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

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